Thursday, 23 January 2014

Why is Financial Management required for any business ??

This is the first and foremost question which comes in the mind of an enterpreneur when they start a business . Here are my views on important factors to be considered in managing the finance required for your Business.
Financial Management , in simple terms is the management of the finances of a business / organisation in order to achieve your financial goals / objectives.
Taking a commercial business as the most common organisational structure, the key objectives of financial management would be to:

 Create Wealth for your Business
• Generate Cash, and the most important is ,
• Provide an adequate Return On Investment (ROI) bearing in mind the risks that the business is taking and the resources invested.

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There are three key elements which every young enterpreneur should take care of during the process of financial management:
(1) Financial Planning
Management need to ensure that enough funding is available at the right time to meet the needs of the business. In the short term, funding may be needed to invest in equipment and stocks, pay employees and fund sales made on credit.
In the medium and long term, funding may be required for significant additions to the productive capacity of the business or to make acquisitions.

(2) Financial Control

Financial control is a critically important activity to help the business ensure that the business is meeting its objectives. Financial control addresses questions such as:
• Are assets being used efficiently?
• Are the businesses assets secure?
• Do management act in the best interest of shareholders and in accordance with business rules?

(3) Financial Decision-making

The key aspects of financial decision-making relate to investment, financing and dividends:
• Investments must be financed in some way – however there are always financing alternatives that can be considered. For example it is possible to raise finance from selling new shares, borrowing from banks or taking credit from suppliers
• A key financing decision is whether profits earned by the business should be retained rather than distributed to shareholders via dividends. If dividends are too high, the business may be starved of funding to reinvest in growing revenues and profits further.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

CONTROL Your RISKS From Being get Trapped By Insurance / Mutual Funds Sellers

One of the most important things You can do as a trader is to control your risk. In other words pre-set a point that You have determined that You could possibly be wrong. 

Remember, trading isn't hard, it is just tricky because everyday the market does the same thing, it moves up and down and sideways and gets choppy. It not only does this every day, but every week, every month and every year. Your job is to determine the primary direction of the market's movement and try to profit from that knowledge.
Sounds easy, but there are hidden traps in the market to snag You, and keep things interesting. Market Makers are always trying to to trick You before taking price strongly against You. They are attempting to trap You in a losing position. This happens everyday in the market, and it WILL eventually happen to You too. 

You advantage is in keeping your losses small. Have a predetermined amount of pips the You are willing to lose. Once You have determined that amount, 'say 20 pips or so on a short term trade, MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!! 

A FREE RUNNING LOSS can be a major game changer! 

It should not take a -200 pips in short term trading before You realize that You have loss Your advantage. If You are telling yourself "Ah it will come back", chances are very good that You are already in trouble! 

Being a pro traders does mean that you never take losses, being a Pro Trader means that You never let losses take You out of the game!!! 


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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Loans and Advances in India

The term ‘loan’ refers to the amount borrowed by one person from
another. The amount is in the nature of loan and refers to the sum paid
to the borrower. Thus. from the view point of borrower, it is ‘borrowing’
and from the view point of bank, it is ‘lending’. Loan may be regarded
as ‘credit’ granted where the money is disbursed and its recovery is
made on a later date. It is a debt for the borrower. While granting
loans, credit is given for a definite purpose and for a predetermined
period. Interest is charged on the loan at agreed rate and intervals of
payment. ‘Advance’ on the other hand, is a ‘credit facility’ granted by
the bank. Banks grant advances largely for short-term purposes, such
as purchase of goods traded in and meeting other short-term trading
liabilities. There is a sense of debt in loan, whereas an advance is a
facility being availed of by the borrower. However, like loans, advances
are also to be repaid. Thus a credit facility- repayable in instalments
over a period is termed as loan while a credit facility repayable within
one year may be known as advances. However, in the present lesson
these two terms are used interchangeably.

Utility of Loans and Advances
Loans and advances granted by commercial banks are highly beneficial
to individuals, firms, companies and industrial concerns. The growth
and diversification of business activities are effected to a large extent
through bank financing. Loans and advances granted by banks help in
meeting short-term and long term financial needs of business enterprises.
We can discuss the role played by banks in the business world by way
of loans and advances as follows :-

(a) Loans and advances can be arranged from banks in keeping withLoans and Advances :: 61
the flexibility in business operations. Traders, may borrow money
for day to day financial needs availing of the facility of cash
credit, bank overdraft and discounting of bills. The amount raised
as loan may be repaid within a short period to suit the
convenience of the borrower. Thus business may be run efficiently
with borrowed funds from banks for financing its working capital
(b) Loans and advances are utilized for making payment of current
liabilities, wage and salaries of employees, and also the tax
liability of business.
(c) Loans and advances from banks are found to be ‘economical’ for
traders and businessmen, because banks charge a reasonable rate
of interest on such loans/advances. For loans from money lenders,
the rate of interest charged is very high. The interest charged by
commercial banks is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.
(d) Banks generally do not interfere with the use, management and
control of the borrowed money. But it takes care to ensure that
the money lent is used only for business purposes.

(e) Bank loans and advances are found to be convenient as far as its
repayment is concerned. This facilitates planning for future and
timely repayment of loans. Otherwise business activities would
have come to a halt.
(f) Loans and advances by banks generally carry element of secrecy
with it. Banks are duty-bound to maintain secrecy of their
transactions with the customers. This enhances people’s faith in
the banking system.


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Friday, 20 December 2013

Borrowing Startup Capital from the Bank: What to Ask Your Banker

If you are thinking of getting a business loan from a bank, it is always best to request for an appointment with the loan officer or bank manager and ask about their criteria for giving loans. The more informed you are of what they want and what they are looking for in a loan application, you can boost your chances in getting that much needed loan.

Here are some questions you need to ask your banker:

What do you need to see and what do you want me to give you to increase my chances of getting the loan? What are the most important factors I need to show to qualify for the business loan?

What have been your experiences in lending to this industry? Is this an industry you consider to be too high risk? Many conservative banks still look at home business (more so if home business online) to be too high risk that they will not lend to this sector — which means your chances are already very slim.

What types of collateral do you want me to provide? What assets do I need to show? 
What if I don’t have any collateral?

What do you want to see in my business plan? How detailed do you want me to be in the business plan? (some bankers will just read the executive summary)

What are your loan products and can you provide and compare their features? Which loan product would be best suited for my situation?

Ask this if you have no management experience or experience in running a restaurant before — How important is having prior experience in the industry? Would it help if I bring into my management team more experienced people than myself to help me run the business?

I suggest you read the articles Twelve Tips for Getting Your Bank Loan Approved and Thinking of Getting a Bank Loan? Do Your Homework First! to help improve your chances in getting that business loan from the bank.


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Monday, 16 December 2013

Student Loan

A loan offered to students which is used to pay off education-related expenses, such as college tuition, room and board at the university, or textbooks. Many of these loans are offered to students at a lower interest rate, such as the Perkins loan or Stafford loan. In general, students are not required to pay back these loans until the end of a grace period, which usually begins after they have completed their education.

Student Loan Consolidation

The replacement of multiple student loans with a single loan, often with a lower monthly payment and a longer repayment period. This is a popular option for student graduating college who are looking to minimize monthly obligations. Student loan consolidation will typically require the borrower to undergo entrance and exit loan counseling. Some student loan consolidation programs only require the borrower to pay the interest on the loan for a given amount of time.


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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Best Rummy Site Brings You the Best Rummy

The best rummy site is one which makes the game enjoyable and offers every opportunity to win cash.  In fact the best rummy site is that which leaves no door closed for the expert rummy player.

But how do you determine that  which is indeed the best rummy site ?

 There need to be some qualifying criteria right, those which will determine the ‘best’ part.

Here is how we can arrive at that conclusion.

Card game variety – A plethora of rummy options are a turn on for most players which is very much present on the site

Depth and breadth of the game – The rules of the site and how close they are to the actual rules offline matters.  keeps online rummy pretty close to the offline version

Also, more the number of players, greater is the complexity and bigger is the challenge, something that appeals to the hard core rummy playing junta

Log on time – players exhibit a fair amount of log on time on   when compared with competing rummy sites

 Personal interaction – players find the card game options as well as targets and tourneys highly appealing to their personal taste. Which is why the site continues to engage players in massive numbers

Engagement – continuous upgradation makes the player want to return for more. The fresh appeal never fades

Customer loyalty – the number of repeat players who are coming back to play on the particular site is impressive indeed
The user friendly interface leads the player intuitively across important pages
Several satisfied rummy players at this site vouch for its quality. They confidently declare ‘this is indeed the best rummy site’ because of the optimal rummy playing experience.

The final clinching detail is the value of the site. Any online gaming site is only as good as the customer loyalty it generates. Loyal customers who frequent the site determine its value and technical strength only has limited impact on loyalty. And that, ladies and gentlemen is the final verdict on it being the ‘best rummy site!!’

Friday, 13 December 2013

Forex Trading Strategies

Developing a profitable forex trading strategy requires passion, persistence, and discipline, but most of all it requires that you obtain a genuine and effective forex trading education. There are many forex strategies floating around the internet that you can learn from, some of these are effective, many of them are more trouble than they are worth however. This website was created and designed to help you learn more about how to develop a successful forex trading strategy that will actually give you an edge in the market.

The forex market provides some of the best opportunities for financial market speculation for retail traders today. It is the most widely traded market in the world, contains the deepest liquidity (this means you can get in and out of trades very easily), and is open 24 hours a day fromSunday afternoon until Friday evening. The combination of these factors means that forex traders have more opportunities, greater flexibility, and lower transaction costs than traders in any other financial market. However, these facts alone will not make you a profitable forex currency trader, you need to study and learn about which forex strategies work and which ones are probably not worth your time (there are many of the latter, and few of the former).

Unfortunately there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to a forex strategy, whether or not a particular forex trading strategy is profitable depends on not only the strategy itself but also on the trader trading that particular strategy. If a trader has very poor self-discipline and poor control of their emotions, they are probably going to lose money on even the most accurate of forex trading strategies. The intersection of self-discipline / emotional control and a truly effective forex trading strategy is where forex trading success is found. Until or unless you learn to master your own emotions you will simply never become a profitable and consistent forex trader. Many traders get lucky in the markets and hit some big winners only to give them all back soon after, far fewer traders find the discipline and self control that it takes to profit on a consistent basis in the forex market.

Some truths about forex trading strategies that you might not read on other blogs:

• You won’t get rich overnight in the forex market, it takes time, effort, and discipline to become a consistently profitable trader. There is no “easy” way out.

• The particular forex trading strategy you use to navigate the market each day can have a profound affect on how you think about and view the market, in other words, on your trading psychology.

• Inflexible trading “systems” that provide for no flexibility or human discretion are inherently flawed and will break down over time as market conditions change.

• Forex strategies that teach traders how to “fish for themselves” are the genuine ones that have a higher probability of returning positive results in the long run.

• Even the best forex trading strategy on earth will not make money if you don’t practice proper restraint and money management.

I hope you enjoy the information on this blog. It’s 100% FREE and it’s my gift back to you.


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